Best Picture 2014 Added

The 87th Academy Awards were held last night. So first off, congratulations to Birdman for taking the big prize.

The sign above said NO PHOTOGRAPHS

It’s been quite a year for your bloggers here at Red Carpet Roulette. A few months back we took a fact-finding trip to the West Coast. First stop: Hollywood, of course. We spent the day conducting research and walking in the footsteps of the legends of American film.

Not in frame: a Storm impersonator

We would loved to have stayed longer, but we were also scheduled to visit the filming locations for Play Misty For Me, Vertigo, Dr. Giggles and Singles before we went home.


And since another Oscar night has passed, we’ll be adding another Best Picture to our list. That makes this the ideal time to switch over to our newly acquired, state of the art Randomizer. Made of space-age polymers and a metal alloy frame, the Randomizer is the ideal tool for determining our films to watch.


Thanks for reading. Be on the lookout for our entry on Rebecca, coming soon.

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