2 Responses to “IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT (1934)”

  1. I think also worth noting is that Claudette Colbert had four movies come out that year and three of them were nominated for best picture, obviously It Happened One Night, along with Imitation of Life, and Cleopatra. Also, I’ve always heard that there are supposed links to Clark Gable’s character in It Happened One Night having an influence on Bugs Bunny’s characterization. I wonder if any of that is true but there is that great scene with Clark Gable eating carrots where he is quite Bugs-like!

  2. cdascher Says:

    I was reading about Colbert’s nomination. Apparently there was some controversy that year in that a lot of folks felt Myrna Loy and Bette Davis were snubbed in the nominations, so they allowed write-ins. (Davis placed third.) Was this the first Oscars controversy? Thought that was interesting, but couldn’t find a good place for it in the post.

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