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Best Picture 2017 Added

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2017 has come and gone and we are still alive to add The Shape of Water to the Ramdomizer. So here we are. Our output slowed  for a while, as we spent a lot of our time checking the news to see if World War III had started. Hopefully our end-of-year flurry of activity brought us back on track and with luck we will complete this project before society collapses.

This year, we did take a break from hiding in our bed and stockpiling canned goods to take a Red Carpet Roulette Family trip to England. I tried to scout out filming locations to visit from our Best Pictures, but there are surprisingly few in London (most of our London-set films were shot on sound stages or back lots). We did visit The Tower of London, which, while not a filming location, was where Best Picture subjects William Wallace and Thomas More were imprisoned.



This is the tower in which More was held before his execution.


If I understood the Beefeater correctly, the spot where we posed for pictures would have been near where they took Sir Thomas to ax his head off. Close to where the KFC is now.


Also seen during our travels, is the manuscript for Seven Pillars of Wisdom in Bodleian Library, which is the basis of Lawrence of Arabia.


Also of Best Picture relevance in Bodleian Library was wireless transcript from the S.S. Virginian of the messages the Titanic sent as it sank. Sorry I didn’t get a photo of that.

Unforgiven coming soon. Thanks for reading, everyone.


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A_Man_for_All_Seasons_(1966_movie_poster)A difference in religious conviction can pose quite the hurdle to relationships. I know it became a cause for conversation when my parents got married – my mother was a lifelong Catholic and my father was an Episcopalian. My father wasn’t comfortable signing a document promising to raise his children in the Catholic church, and as a result they were not able to get married in the Catholic church my mother had originally planned. After years in the Episcopalian church following this, my mother eventually returned to the Catholic church on her own. The pull runs deep.

The origin of this split, between the Catholic and the Anglican church, is the subject of our most recent blog film. A Man for All Seasons is a British drama from 1966 that focuses on the life of Sir Thomas More. The theme of the film is that Sir Thomas, as Lord Chancellor, refuses to go against his beliefs and sign a letter asking the Pope to annul King Henry VIII’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon so that the King can marry Anne Boleyn. Sir Thomas feels so strongly in his conviction that this violates the Catholic doctrine that he is willing to resign his post in order to take this position. It is the beginning for a great deal of hardship he and his family must then face. Sir Thomas also refuses to take an Oath of Supremacy pronouncing Henry VIII as the Supreme Head of the Church of England. The King will have his way, and as head of the Church of England, it is announced that he has authority to override the Pope and retain religious purity in his divorce.

A house divided indeed! In our modern pluralistic culture, it’s easy to underestimate what a political and economic power the Continue reading